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Cathy Lockwood's shocking book quite simply took my breath away. I watched with horror as her life careered from one train wreck to the next. However, this is definitely NOT a 'poor little me' tale.  The author's refreshing honesty, sense of humour and talent for story-telling all make for a truly stunning read.

~ Victoria Twead ~ New York Times Best Selling Author  of 'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools'



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Eloise - Loving a Sociopath ~ check book page

the girl behind the painted smile


Cathy's life is spiralling out of control. Deeply scarred by a childhood of maternal neglect, she attempts to find solace in self-harm and delinquent behaviour. Before long, she is addicted to alcohol. 

Hidden behind a painted smile, Cathy begins a promising career as an actress and model, rubbing shoulders with royalty and the rich and famous. But Cathy is her own worst enemy and her continued dependence on alcohol hurtles her down a path of self-destruction. She endures a string of abusive, often horrific relationships, anorexia, poverty and almost loses her children. 

In this harrowing true story, Cathy never loses her sense of humour and is determined to win the battle with the bottle, and herself.


Available in paperback and ebook

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